Hustle Gang - Away (performed by Spodee, Trae Tha Truth, T.I.)

Mixtape: "G.D.O.D. (Get Dough Or Die)" (2013)

Away from me
Fuck niggas away from me
Away away away from me
Away away, yea

[Hook: Spodee]
I just had a little girl, somebody pray for me
They trick me off the street, my girl she ain’t gon wait for me
Suckas waitin on me, the slip they wanna take from me
It’s on my hip and I’m gon use it if you play with me
Away away away from me
Away away away from me
(Gotta keep these) Fuck niggas away
These gold digging hoes can’t play with me
I know I’m on my way, you haters stay away from me

[Verse 1: Spodee]
I jumped off with the blunt top, kickin hats all for my zone
If it pops off and the Glocks cocked, I’mma send shots to yo dome
Niggas get knocked out for a small cost
Then the cops call and that’s wrong
I’m going all off, that’s it all cost
Reckon I’m flowin the song player
I ain’t no killers but don’t push me
My dad ain’t had no lame and my mom ain’t raised no pussy
That’s fo damn sho
Maybe they hate me cuz they bitches think I’m handsome
Or maybe cuz I fucked that bitch like she a dancer
I am the answer, start since I was in Pampers
Accumulating more bucks every year like I’m Tampa
A nigga try me – they whole career will be over with
Better be glad they don’t rep my fuckin folk this year


[Verse 2: Trae Tha Truth]
I just had a little boy, somebody pray for me
They trick me off the streets, my girl she ain’t gon wait for me
Suckas waitin on me, the slip they wanna take from me
If it’s on my hip then I’m gon use it if you play with me
But I know these fuck niggas ain’t shit
I can’t rock like them, now they nit
No way that shit I can get
My little niggas depend on me, I can’t quit
These gay ass niggas I never feel
I ain’t never been a ho, nigga never will
Too many snakes in the snakes in the field, I’ll never chill
You can never be the man, you was never real
Lord knows, I don’t wanna end up doing time
But I’mma go to the grave behind me and mine
You don’t know my life, you don’t be around
I’mma lean on a nigga, just keep tryin
I let these shots off, and then pop off in my zone
Niggas get knocked off or blocked off
And get dropped fore you get home


[Verse 3: T.I.]
Aye, got two baby girls fo' little boy
Got a big choppa, no lil toy
These young niggas making little noise
I trap em out there to ignore it but
You keep on fuckin with me I promise I got what you askin fo
Say you don’t want no trouble, oh yell it like that's what you askin for?
I’m blastin for my R E S P E C T for askin for it
A real life true blue dinosaur
Doe Boy, I won’t stay up at a 9 or more
Just older, it ain’t money I ain’t tryna pour
Won’t tuck my cup if it ain’t screwed up
And I bet you won’t find a finer whore
Than the one you see with me hoppin out of my truck
I done came up, I done done time
Spent my childhood, got it one time
Finally called after me but I’m bossed up you see
Ain’t no one over me cuz I run mine
I got a good heart but my temper bad
If I ain’t got a gun I’m going sick as hell
So fuck boy don’t play with me
I’m sucka free, stay away from me


[Bridge: DJ MLK]
Yo, this ya boy, DJ MLK
Hustle Gang hood rich, get dough or die
Know what I'm sayin, that's what we got goin on right now my nigga
Gettin that God damn money
You know, but I ain't gonna talk you to death
You know I know how to get it in
Dick ridin is not a form of transportation

Grand Hustle Records also known as Hustle Gang Music is an Atlanta, Georgia-based record label founded in 2003, by American hip hop recording artist T.I. and business partner Jason Geter. It currently operates as an independent record label.